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Graham's Porsche 911 - 997 Carrera 2S Cabriolet


Graham has had his 2005 Carrera 2S Cabriolet from new and we have maintained this car throughout the past 5 years. He felt his car was beginning to look a bit "dated" so he discussed his options with Adam.

Graham had always liked the Turbo look and thought some carbon exterior detailing would complement the "de-chromed" look he was after.

It was decided that we would update the car to a 997 Turbo look using factory bumpers, a EuroCup GT spoiler and some carbon detailing.

Once the car was finished both Adam and Graham agreed the car was sitting a little too high so a set of lowering springs, wheel spacer shims and a 4 wheel laser geometry were undertaken to complete the look.

Build-up gallery

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Porsche 911 Build Up Picture1Porsche 911 Build Up Picture2Porsche 911 Build Up Picture3
Porsche 911 Build Up Picture4Porsche 911 Build Up Picture5Porsche 911 Build Up Picture6
Porsche 911 Build Up Picture7Porsche 911 Build Up Picture8Porsche 911 Build Up Picture9
Porsche 911 Build Up Picture10Porsche 911 Build Up Picture11Porsche 911 Build Up Picture12

The finished car gallery

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Porsche 911 picture 1Porsche 911 picture 2Porsche 911 picture 3
Porsche 911 picture 4Porsche 911 picture 5Porsche 911 picture 6
Porsche 911 picture 7Porsche 911 picture 8Porsche 911 picture 9
Porsche 911 picture 10Porsche 911 picture 11Porsche 911 picture 12
Porsche 911 picture 13Porsche 911 picture 14Porsche 911 picture 15
Porsche 911 picture 16Porsche 911 picture 17Porsche 911 picture 18

Upgrades & Modifications

We have detailed below the upgrades and modifications we have made to the car.

Front Body Parts & ModificationsFront Body Parts & Modifications
  • 997 Gen-1 Turbo Front Bumper
  • Turbo Indicators
  • Black Mesh Grills

Rear Body Parts & ModificationsRear Body Parts & Modifications
  • 997 Gen-1 Turbo Rear Bumper
  • Smoked LED Rear lights
  • Reverse Parking sensors
  • EuroCup GT Aero Rear Spoiler
  • Eurocup GT Black twin tailpipes

Carbon Fibre Parts & ModificationsCarbon Fibre Parts & Modifications
  • Turbo rear under valance
  • Door Mirror Triangles
  • GT2/3 Top bumper Vent
  • Carbon Headlight trims

Suspension & Wheel ModificationsSuspension & Wheel Modifications
  • H&R Lowering Springs
  • EuroCup GT 12 & 18mm Spacer kits
  • Locking wheel bolts
  • 4 Wheel Laser Geometry